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    Hey it’s already december and i was wondering if or not spend money in fortnite

    1 december 2018 07:43 2830

    Depends on you. If you feel like it is worth to do it then spend it.

    6 december 2018 04:58 2830

    I usually dont spend money on games. I have spent only 10eur on the battle pass. Im not spending vbucks on skins, im saving for next battle pass.

    6 december 2018 18:38 2830

    i love fortnite but its okay to not spend money its up to you of course its your money

    6 december 2018 19:03 2830

    Only if you want to buy stw, otherwise no.

    7 december 2018 12:38 2830

    It's not worth spending it on fortnite

    9 december 2018 12:14 2830

    I bought STW to see how many v-bucks I could get from it and you get; 50 for daily challenges; 100 for storm shield; random amounts for loggin in daily; and other ways such as leveling up your scrapbook by putting weapons and traps in it.

    24 december 2018 21:35 2830

    Fortnite soo cool i love it but u need tào learn idits and aimming and building and it's over

    25 december 2018 20:02 2830

    Buy anything in fortnite is waste money

    26 december 2018 19:14 2830

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