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    Which games have you received from Random steam keys?

    I've bought two with leftover SGs so far, and I've received Tank game (0,99€) and Need for Gowna (Doesn't even have a store page) So far I'd rate the "Random steam key" prize 1/5 Which games have you gotten from the keys?

    16 november 2018 14:21 1628

    I got Perfection from a free chest. Worth $3. Not into it. Trying to give it away to someone, if anyone needs

    16 november 2018 15:48 1628

    I just give away my random Steam keys on my Discord server :D People seem to like it so why not...

    16 november 2018 16:21 1628

    Bloop, a game that I paid for before. A nice game

    16 november 2018 18:23 1628

    Frizzy and Theatre Od War

    16 november 2018 19:43 1628

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