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    War Thunder

    (4.34/5) 14958 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Rejected !

    I kept on trying to take a Screenshot I thought of an idea how about I change my name similar to my Gamehag Account Still Rejected! :C

    5 november 2018 08:41 11

    you can talk with Misty

    6 november 2018 05:55 11

    Make sure you made your account using the link on the gamehag page.

    7 november 2018 07:11 11

    just make sure u use the same email u used for ur gamehag account

    10 november 2018 06:42 11

    You should use the same email to accept the job

    10 november 2018 14:38 11

    Thx I will Try The Email Thing!😀

    10 november 2018 17:40 11

    It worked for me. I used my steam account to log in here, and I used the same email as my steam account. Worked fine for me! Though make sure its a new account, can't be an old one.

    12 november 2018 01:01 11

    Even I had a lot of problems with this task. Message Misty if you're sure you did everything right

    12 november 2018 02:12 11

    You have to create a new account, make sure it has the same email, otherwise it might not get accepted.

    12 november 2018 04:10 11

    many times misty just tell you to do it again and never helps

    13 november 2018 15:47 11

    Remember that to get accepted, you need to create an account with the "Play for free" button on the game. If not you will get rejected

    27 november 2018 17:30 11

    Just write to misty i got rejected multiple times at first :/

    24 december 2018 19:37 11

    Take a screenshot like this https://gyazo.com/1eeb3ba3f8bd55265800bb761d3ff34c

    30 december 2018 13:40 11

    All of my submissions were accepted. Make sure your screen is fullscreened and that your screenshot is a literal screenshot saved in your collection of files. With windows, it's usually Windows Key + Prt sc at the same time. It will be in your pictures folder if you go to Users, Pictures, and then Screenshots

    30 december 2018 23:54 11

    ember that to get accepted, you need to create an account with the "Play for free" button on the game. If no

    31 december 2018 07:17 11

    Make sure you creat an account through the "Play now" link on Gamehag that has a similar name to your gamehag one, otherwise it wont work

    31 december 2018 12:31 11

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