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    Why users should not reject articles that are [O-k ish] [not spam] but [ok] not good [ok] [simple]
    1) We are noobs in writing ok but don't expect us to wow you every time

    2) 5 $ prepaid card costs 3499 SG but we usually get for article writing 500SG (if the article gets accepted) so that is 3499/5 = 699.8 for one dollar. So our 500 SG is not even a dollar and so don't expect us to write a pro version of the article really for this amount of money, no way.
    3) The real-life article writing is based on words per dollar, not this. (If you are a professional) but the demands of articles on this site are professional like so even.
    4) you need to lower your expectation so that the platform is easily accessible to everyone [but the spammer they should be rejected}
    5) don't check like you are reading a professional article you usually read on other websites because they pay good money to writes not this see the difference.
    6) don't expect writers to be professional they are usually poor gamers trying to get by like you.
    7) you can't really see the comments on a rejected article so they can't see the proper reason why their article is considered bad or rejected.
    8) nowhere in any rules it is written by game hag that articles need to super good. average and poor can be acceptable and should be acceptable.
    9) if you want writes to put work in those articles and make them super good so increase the reward and make they reward constant not this usual (you can get 1000SG but you can also get 1 SG) or use the real-life system. more money more honey. no money no honey.
    10) if write article here for SG remember we can write it in our resume that has written that many articles for this site so please consider it as experience lol.
    11) every once in a while a dog needs a bone a cat needs a fish a gamer needs his article to be accepted.

    19 october 2018 19:42 1628

    Maybe we should be able to vote on content and the better the votes the more SG the article writer gets. Say you vote 5 stars they should get 5,000 SG for example (if accepted).

    19 october 2018 20:06 1628

    Article of 2500 is not a small job to do so something has to be done about it or maybe few people are interested in the article writing

    19 october 2018 20:58 1628

    "BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS" God, never in my life this quote was so relevant.

    "you need to lower your expectation" - you also need to lower your expectation on earning from a site, when you clearly defend a point of view "i spent 1 minute writing a ton of stuff, becase I am a noob, pay me"

    you literally cannot write a word "writer" correctly or even check your article for basic typos. why on earth you think the system is unfair to you, if you are plain lazy?

    "The real-life article writing is based on words per dollar" - well, get a job, stop wasting time on gamehag. It is not that hard to make a proper article nowadays.

    yes, I have my fair share of things I hate in the system, like turning down "boring" articles. some of my articles were turned down for wrong reasons (like considered copies by lazy readers, who were just skimming for gems. not reading), but I raised these questions to support and they told me they are working around the issues with the voting system.

    I get your overall idea, but you also need to understand you are COMPLAINING that the users, who READ the articles, which means YOUR READERS, do not think you are presenting an article WORTH THEIR TIME.

    "you can't really see the comments on a rejected article so they can't see the proper reason why their article is considered bad or rejected." - wrong, it is visible on mobile app of the Gamehag.

    " if write article here for SG remember we can write it in our resume that has written that many articles for this site so please consider it as experience lol." - I highly doubt it is relevant to an actual resume, especially if you demand to tone down the requirements for noobs to get published.

    " poor gamers trying to get by " why people complain they are poor and do not try to spend time more efficently by, gasp, getting a job? if you have a PC to play games on, you have better ways to earn money for your games.
    if you are poor, you SHOULD SPEND YOUR TIME FIXINING THAT, not gaming and complaining.

    19 october 2018 22:38 1628

    by the way, I've seen your articles, you did not follow the basic instructions.

    19 october 2018 22:40 1628

    lol nice one hellicht

    20 october 2018 06:48 1628

    I think it pays more to rate bad articles than to write them.

    20 october 2018 08:12 1628

    Well said #hellicht!! I am writting articles IRL so i know few things here and there, and still some of my articles got rejected because of as hellicht said lazy *** users who voted/comment that article is copy pasted... BS!!! I can even prove that any of the article i have posted are mine. I usualy spend around 4-5 hours per article, sometimes even more when there is a new game and i have to play through it so i can write an article.
    I am honest on every article i vote on. Also i give an advice or what has to be changed. You can see all comments on gamehag app so you can improve your article and repost it.

    20 october 2018 18:59 1628

    hellicht finally somebody told me how to look at those comment thanks i used pc all the time

    21 october 2018 10:34 1628

    I don't have a smartphone so how could i. so I used bluestacks to open it

    21 october 2018 10:38 1628

    thanks guys, I finally got fed up with all the pleading articles that day😩

    I agree this site has almost no proper instructions, only basic noob tutorial. That's why when you do not know something, contact through the "contact us" button down the page. They always answer or reply something like "we will give you an answer, when we figure it out".

    Easy google search by a quote from a text like this:
    can right away show you the copy pasted article. But better to pick a quote from the middle. I personally made a mistake and had 2 articles with same exact intro "series of tuts for noobs on this game" smth like that, so people did not read poast that and flagged as copy. But it was all written by me.

    Compared to other comments on lazy articles, I got discouraged, because human factor does not provide equally fair system for ratings.
    Two of my articles have no status whatsoever for more than a month. I've spent at least an hour writing and organizing each article, aside from time looknig for proper pictures.

    So, in all that light spam articles and begging for gems articles make me seriously pissed off. People can't even spellcheck?? There are ton of free tools to do that.

    22 october 2018 16:10 1628

    Inferno_never_dies, yeah, I learned that myself by accident

    It is sad to get turned down for an article, but it's worse, when you actually worked on the article for hours (my articles were ok, imo, but I concentrated on one game and tried to make series, people did not like it). Personally, if you cannot make a proper article, choose playing games for rewards instead for now. AND review articles to eventually figure out, why your articles are not good enough and you will see that having a high standard is a good thing, not just on the site, but in life in general.

    If you really want games, try to trade keys on barter.vg and buy keys on sales. Do you feel good after begging for anything in life? I personally feel pathetic. And begging for gems that do not even translate to 1 dollar... Sorry, but I have no sympathy for that.

    Learn what is a minimum wage per hour in your country and translate it into how long does it take you to write an article. Unless you enjoy writing articles and want some experience with it and checking out games, do not invest strongly in it and do not expect much from it.

    And last, if you do not want to buy games with money, do you even need them? You either pay with your time or your money. Time on gamehag does not translate equally to money, so it is easier to buy with money, even if you are poor. Your time is invaluable, but try to rate it on your minimum wage hourly basis. This helps to get into a right mindset of "what the heck is wrong with me to waste time this way" or "It's fine, I can spend some time on that".

    I wish there were more steps, like a way to edit article, not just reupload. To keep the communication going with people, who said no, to get better review and advice.

    But gamehag is still in the development process, I think.

    I hope it will get better, since they do fix the stuff that does not work on the site, but so far you just stumble upon things, rather than learn about it in a manual.

    22 october 2018 16:38 1628

    Users should also remember, that gamehag pays you with THEIR OWN MONEY. They first need to pay themselves to justify working on this site at all, then pay for server to hold this site with a ton of users. So, yeah, they may be greedy with gems, but they also may be unable to give better rewards, considering all the factors.

    also, can someone tell me, did any of articles get paid 1000 gems, ever?

    22 october 2018 16:42 1628

    First of all @hellicht thank you for taking your time and writing all this! Not many people here understand how really this site works, or maybe they know but they don't care... I'm not really sure that anyone got 1000 gems for their article :/

    22 october 2018 17:10 1628

    Tbh GH has been steadily throttling the SG you can get, so I don't think writing articles will every get you 1000 gems anymore

    23 october 2018 05:20 1628

    don't worry guys and gals we will get a job/start our own business someday and will be able to buy any game in the world so let's just work hard ok

    23 october 2018 12:10 1628

    hayırdır mevzumu var

    23 october 2018 15:18 1628

    mb.rider, thanks. I have some experience with web development, so I actually understand how the site works behind the curtains.
    I also did my fair share of "get rich by doing nothing" on beer money sites back in a day. They all have the same system: you waste your time on cents per hours. Over time it gets addicting, like some sort of casino. Do not fall into the trap, there is no free and easy income on the internet for a job literally ANYONE can do. Learn a profitable skill and become a specialist, if you want to have enough money to spend on your hobbies.

    23 october 2018 17:12 1628

    annaz, I see that prices on game tasks get lower over time. But the promise of articles getting 1000 SG, was it ever true? Did they forget to change it or something

    23 october 2018 17:13 1628

    inferno_never_dies, my, thank you, but I am a full blown adult with a job already. You do not get things someday, if you just keep dreaming it will happen. You need to actually do something.

    Also, work smart, not hard. Have you seen a rich donkey? (two quotes in one, not my words lol)

    23 october 2018 17:15 1628

    A lot of things have been changed by GH without being updated from what I've seen so far (no more redeeming runes, only one code can be redeemed every 5 days, only 100 ads per day in appzone, removing appzone in iOS, hiding the XP gain after every comment, etc) so i'm 90% sure 1000 SG per article is a pipedream

    23 october 2018 19:57 1628

    Also if i may add, gamehag has a new tactic about articles... if you write too many of them, they will just reject it saying that you have not filled all fields. UGH!
    Three of my articles got published, and three of them rejected with that cheap excuse that i have not filled all the fields... i know i did ;) i double check everything before posting it, also i write same thing on all articles requesting a reward of lousy "500 soul gems"

    This needs to stop... all those cheaters/spammers/multiaccount users, everything!! Also gamehag has to wake up and refresh the site. I am a certified programmer and web designer so took few min to check out the core of the site. Very poorly and cheeply made so stop to wonder why are things not working.

    But IMHO i think that gamehag owners don't care about the site anymore because they are blocking everything we are doing. Rejected tasks saying that we didn't register through their site, rejecting because of "bad" screenshoot... also random game from chests that you can buy for soulgems are a BIG lie. They are set so you get 99% of the time a random steam key with a cheap crappy games that Steam has finnaly started removing.

    Also, has anyone noticed that you have stop getting SG from voting? Yeah... they are screwing with us even there too :/

    23 october 2018 20:20 1628

    yeah dude I feel you're pain 500 sg is not enough 1000 isn't even some site even give you 5$ to write not so pro like article and they easily accepts the article you submitted as long as they dont see any obvious mistakes this site is kindda scamming us for writing articles this is a joke.

    23 october 2018 20:43 1628

    I write 18 aricles for this month and I am not expecting all of my articles to be approved by the modirator but come-on not filled the field excuse is a very obvious bogous excuse to say " hey man we cant pay you enough this month so will just have to cut some of your articles" my article passed the users voting system they
    implemented so why the **** did it end up with " field not filled bull**** "

    23 october 2018 20:47 1628

    this hellicht really is a savage volume it down ma'am/sir you will scare use writers lol

    23 october 2018 21:01 1628

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