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    July chest SIMS 4

    What's up everyone? Today I got The Sims 4 from his months giveaway chest, needles to say it's the most lucky I've ever got with a chest from here :D. But my question is about the reward, it says "The Sims 4" but on the rewards section the main game is titled "Les Sims 4" and the DLC is "The Sims 4: city living". I'm just wondering if I'm getting the actualy base game or the DLC, Peace!

    26 july 2018 12:40 1628

    So many typos sorry lol

    26 july 2018 12:41 1628

    Problem solved, I went to my profile and from there clicked on it from my rewards and it brought me to the base game reward page

    26 july 2018 12:44 1628

    Great to hear that you can actually get games from chest. Enjoy your game! :)

    27 july 2018 11:02 1628

    Ooo simmsss

    27 july 2018 11:04 1628

    @Paladin209 Congratulations on getting the base game for The Sims 4. Glad to see that the problem was solved for you.

    I know the feeling when you aren't sure of what you're getting. That's why I asked the community a couple of questions in my past threads.

    27 july 2018 11:07 1628

    So lucky dude, I got GAI TRAVEL, it's the best so far, LOL

    27 july 2018 17:08 1628

    The only thing so far i got from chests is runes and some random steam games i already have

    28 july 2018 04:04 1628

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