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    Problems in phones

    Do only I have problem with loading all topics and threads?I can open only some parts of them.

    3 october 2020 18:30 1628

    You can open all parts of them in PC

    30 october 2020 06:25 1628

    For me it works all on mobile. I use Opera.

    30 october 2020 07:39 1628

    me too it works perfect

    30 october 2020 08:09 1628

    I dont mean browser in mobile.It works perfect for me too.But gamehag app that I download from play market doesn't show all threads,comments and any other things in forum section

    30 october 2020 08:37 1628

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    30 october 2020 11:46 1628

    this thing in iphone is really sooo bad

    30 october 2020 12:12 1628

    The forums on the phone is kinda sluggish and bad but on the PC website no problems

    31 october 2020 07:20 1628

    yea on phones it's kinda glitchy and weird sometimes lol

    31 october 2020 12:22 1628

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