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    Is adventure with misty worth playing ?

    Is adventure with misty worth playing ? Is the Adventure with Misty, really worth playing find out in this article! The Adventure with Misty game is really nice because its simple you get 10SG playing it and you only need to beat 4 levels, well its simplysiti surprized me 3 buttons up, right,left thats it! you need to dodge fire balls coming from the dragon which you can't see you collect SG in that game which is points each level has 30 seconds you have to dodge fire balls for that long when the time is up win, Theres mini bosses in some levels. there are 24 levels if you want to do them all to pass some time. if you need SG yes you can play this game really not that hard, well some levels are hard. Nice graphics for weaker phones you can switch off the high graphics found in the setting next to the tasks, to redeem you're 10SG you need to beat 4 levels,click on the tasks,enter you're gamehag name and hit send and you should get you're 10SG.If you are related to gamehag.com you might know that misty is our assistant from the gamehag portal. You can fall into spikes and instantly die so you have to jump on the platforms. You can spent time to clear those levels and this game is even easy to play, and you can challange your friends. The artwork on the game looks amazing i love the Death screen, i think i like that screen because i die alot. This is a mobile app i think mainly because on pc this would be to easy with the arrow keys. We all know misty is a witch and her adventures are going to be frightending adversities. Every level gets harder like in most games, the fire balls will come at you from horizontally there not to hard to dodge but combined with fire balls coming from the top its hard. theres stars which fall out of the sky when you pick them up the fire balls that you see explode which makes the game easier. Theres 3 star rating which are scaled by you getting hit and collecting SG that drops from above. If a fire ball toches the SG the SG disappears. the more levels you passed the faster the fire balls come, the horizontal fire balls come faster the the top ones. When you lose it show you how many SG you have and how many seconds you've been alive. In some levels theres moving platforms which make it harder to dodge the fireballs. Theres horizontally moving platforms too which make it really hard! You have to jump on the dragons head to kill him! I would love more levels because i beat them really fast they were alot of fun and hard i loved the dragon fights! hope you have fun playing this game! Hope this helped you! I had fun writing this article for you! I really love this game its fun to pass some time.

    20 july 2018 10:44 2162

    Congrats for getting your article accepted, lol89.

    20 july 2018 11:02 2162

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