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    i aint getting accepted even tough i spent money on it!!

    i spent money to get this task done but when i send the seenshot i get rejected sometimes it says i didnt make a NEW account and sometimes it just says that it got rejected. I'm getting a little mad cuz i littrely spent real money and a lot of time into this...

    3 august 2020 13:39 8394

    well shoot unluckyy

    3 august 2020 13:40 8394

    also i have asked misty why this is and they just tell me to contact support but i cant find any specific support for this task...

    3 august 2020 13:42 8394

    You should get in contact with a real person
    you can do it by googling: "gamehag support" or by going to this page: https://gamehag.com/contact

    3 august 2020 22:25 8394

    so do we buy this game?, i thought it was free

    4 august 2020 01:28 8394

    In my case, the quest is no longer available even tho I finished it. A big waste of time.

    6 august 2020 03:49 8394

    what about this game anyone can help ?

    6 august 2020 22:28 8394

    the game is free but it takes a while to get to level 17. but you can buy items instead with real money

    7 august 2020 20:54 8394

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