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    How do I take a screenshot on Vikings: War of Clans?

    I got to lvl 15 but I don't know how to take a screenshot, can you help me? Thank you.

    17 june 2018 22:07 2147

    Vikings is played normally on Android or IOS, screen shot like you would with any other applications or phone, hold power and volume or power and center button.

    18 september 2018 04:19 2147

    do you know how i can sceen shot on a laptop window 10

    10 june 2019 04:44 2147

    in the "type here to search" bar put in Snipping tool and click the Snipping tool and then hit "new" then go to the top left or right of your screen then all the way down o the other side save it then put it in then wait

    11 june 2019 00:25 2147

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