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    Remove The Frog Uptade!

    Frog update it's the worst update that gamehag ever created, please delete it gamehag, please, It just makes your Soul Gems Rewards shorter.

    31 july 2020 22:07 1628


    31 july 2020 22:16 1628

    or have at least a month before moving to a frog. some 30 gem contracts can take days. its like living for gems. its stupid

    1 august 2020 02:49 1628

    hi hi hi

    1 august 2020 03:53 1628

    I don't think that gamehag is removing the frog update as they spent time and money creating this. No matter how much users protest.

    1 august 2020 04:01 1628

    Am not geting Soul gems Xd Why

    1 august 2020 05:32 1628

    Yes, this frog thing is really annoying... Pretty much all offers from offer wall require wither purchasing something or signing up for some shady stuff. Minigames are impossible to go to required amount of points unless you are a pro and spend hours on them (and do they even count?), and all what is left - playing games... But what if I don't want to play those? Or can't commit since some of them takes ages to get...
    This is just so frustrating!

    1 august 2020 06:07 1628

    I wonder how long this will go on for. I don't do contracts or surveys anymore because everytime I try to submit one, my account gets banned for PROXY issues. Really my only way of getting gems is by the daily log in. At this point I'm just trying to get enough gems to cash in on something and then I'll be leaving GameHag.

    1 august 2020 15:11 1628

    i already cashed out, i don;t even bother checking the site daily these days

    1 august 2020 16:32 1628

    Sad but true, a lot of users will leave gamehag

    1 august 2020 17:56 1628

    They will notice too late that all users left and try peddle back but won't be enough and boom: out of business

    2 august 2020 00:21 1628

    i agree because when you become frog, to turn back into human is to complete a task.. there is the problem, i have completed tasks but didn't get the reward and still being a frog

    2 august 2020 01:26 1628

    yeah same wth. i earned like 600 gems but im still a f r o g. I hate this feature, if ur not in the big popular countries including the us like me you rarely get good tasks. Minigames are a trap, surveys dont work.

    2 august 2020 01:45 1628

    gamehag senpai change my sexual orientation plebs

    2 august 2020 01:45 1628

    actually I did not like it at all. it forces you to stay active all the time

    2 august 2020 01:49 1628

    i couldnt agree more this sucks really

    2 august 2020 03:11 1628

    saaad ): bro sad

    2 august 2020 05:03 1628

    And how to be active if no else option just contracts?

    2 august 2020 12:40 1628

    I Have A Solution Without Bein Frog

    2 august 2020 21:05 1628

    hello all

    2 august 2020 21:58 1628

    yoooo sup all

    2 august 2020 22:10 1628

    bye bye bb

    3 august 2020 03:39 1628

    The frog update isnt going to be removed as gamehag put time and money into making it but I do feel like with all the user/player backlash they should alter it a bit (maybe have writing 5 comments a day as being active?) just because the few and less productive tasks arent always do-able in a week if their offered at all

    3 august 2020 03:55 1628

    if we all boycott this website/app they'll surely removie it lol

    3 august 2020 08:27 1628

    gamehag need to remove this fucking frog

    3 august 2020 09:25 1628

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