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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

    Hello everyone on Gamehag! I am considering a new game to play and I find that many of you are talking about CS:GO. May I know if this game is worth the time to play and is it similar to Call of Duty? Thank you for replying. 😀

    31 july 2020 15:29 1628

    Although both games are strategy war type games, they do not share the same gameplay. Try it out, it's free.

    31 july 2020 15:33 1628

    @gmpmg Please stop posting irrelevant things on forums. It doesn't matter if you are new (Sorry for being rude), I recommend you read the rules of forums before posting irrelevant things on forums. I am saying this as this can be considered as spam as I have not seen this for the first time. I hope you understand. Thank you. 🙁

    31 july 2020 15:47 1628

    you can play the game in 2 modes, casually or competitively, if you're just casually trying it out then go ahead and play in casual mode but if you're playing in competitive then please don't play without knowing anything, as CS: GO may look like a simple game, but its competitiveness shouldn't be underestimated so I suggest you learn common nades, positioning, callouts, economy, aim training and sound training and some random common strats, I'm currently stuck in silver facing against smurfs and every time I would be in a team full of random people who know nothing about the game, no nades, no economy, no aim, no nothing, so please learn the game before you try out competitive mode as it would benefit both you and other people who play the game. (also you might be tilted from the game due to hackers or smurfers so just brace yourself, that is unless you're throwing the game)

    31 july 2020 15:52 1628

    @FluteMaster69 Thank you for the information snd suggestion too. I really appreciated it.

    31 july 2020 15:54 1628

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