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    "You can open the chest only if you collect ??? SG in games."
    So does that count only towards the games tasks or can you also earn those SG from watching ads to open those chests. 🤔I watch ads regularly so it would be really important for me to know that. 🤓Also, does guessing game count towards it? Probably not, right? 🙁

    24 july 2020 11:15 1628

    I remember that in the past also guessing game worked towards it. Thats how I got summer treasure VIII last year. 😁 But they probably changed the system recently. 😢

    24 july 2020 11:28 1628

    Chests here are not what they say they are. (Aka you won't get the stuff you open them for.) 😞

    24 july 2020 20:44 1628

    I'm not sure if that changed but I remember I managed to get the free monthly chest just by appzone and article voting last year. It took me some effort to earn 1000 SGs and you know what I got back? an anime dress up game! Wonderful.

    24 july 2020 22:48 1628

    dont open chests.

    24 july 2020 23:39 1628

    bedava skin verebilecek varmı

    24 july 2020 23:59 1628

    only open free chests, they're not worth your gems

    25 july 2020 00:48 1628

    solo juntando lo requerido

    25 july 2020 02:52 1628

    So I opened a chest today right after login. It had stated that: "You can open the chest only if you collect 1000 SG in games from 2020-07-08 to 2020-08-10 23:55:00"

    So I took a look how many SG had I earned from 8. 7. 2020 until yesterday.
    I had earned a total of 1125 SG in that horizon. (I didnt count 173 SG which I collected this month before 8th of July and also 141 SG from today - thats why you can see I earned 1439 SG this month in my profile as of right now) To be more specific:
    -app zone: 403
    -login bonus: 35
    -daily chest: 20
    -ingame tasks: 637
    -levels gained: 30
    So that means that not only games count but also other methods such as app zone and many other methods probably.
    But I think that guessing game doesnt count towards it because I played it last winter and I couldnt open those chests even that I earned enough of SG through guessing game.
    The last time when guessing game worked for me were summer treasures last year.

    26 july 2020 17:11 1628

    You will not get good things from chests because the chance of getting good things is very low so Don't open Chest

    26 july 2020 17:15 1628

    I think winning the real life lottery has much higher chance, than getting a decent item from a gamehag chest.

    26 july 2020 21:29 1628

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