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    11000 Silver Lions to trade.

    If anyone is interested in a 11.000 Silver Lions key please let me know. I want to trade it for a DayZ steam key. Thanks.

    30 june 2020 11:51 11

    silver lions? you have like 200k or more when you start the game?

    30 june 2020 12:12 11

    hi mate, this is not the ideal place to make any type of trade, since in gamehag there is no reputation system or anything like that that tells you that both you or the other person are legit, so It is best to go to those pages where if they have that system so you can make a safe trade and have no problem, regards.

    6 july 2020 14:10 11

    I have one key too if someone wanted to trade it with csgo skins, hit me

    6 july 2020 21:49 11

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