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    how to win in fortnite tips and tricks

    Step Nr.1:go to retail row. Step Nr.2:Try to find good loot. Step Nr.3:Farm as much material's you can. Step Nr.4:avoid everyone. Step Nr.5:camp as much you can in your power. Step Nr.6:camp near circle/storm. Step Nr.7:wait untill there is 25 players left. Step Nr.8:wait until there is 15 players left you 1 of them. Step Nr.9:when the circle changes, tun to it not being seen. Step Nr.10:Do the same like in "Step Nr.6" Step Nr.11:wait until there is 5 people left you one of them so 4 left. Step Nr.12:now begind the hard part there is 3 people left you one of them "still camp" Step Nr.13:let them camp until there is you vs him Step Nr.14:guy kill the other one, and now he is very low so use this chance to kill him in close range with a shotgun. Step Nr.15:try to get the high ground so you have more view of he's position Step Nr.16:Fight him until you win Step Nr.17:Win! Step Nr.18:if you lose dont rage or cty that wont improve your skills, and if you lose that means he could be better or you did something wrong, and sometimes dont take the high ground from the enemy. How to win in Squad and winn with many kills! Step Nr.1:Land Dusty divot. Step Nr.2:get loot. Step Nr.3:go kill as many you can/see Step Nr.4:after that farm materials Step Nr.5:go to Tilted towers. Step Nr.6:kill evryone you see Step Nr.7:dont let the enemy knock your friends. Step Nr.8:dont let them finish them. Step Nr.9:do verything that i typed above. Step Nr.10: go to the circle make a huge base and camp. Step Nr.11:kill every squad. Step Nr.12:if there is squad VS squad use your launch pad and fly to them. Step Nr.13:if they made a sky base destroy evrything that conekts it so they fall to their death. Step Nr.14: win and make a circle and evryone use your dance's. Duo tips how to win. Step Nr.1:Snobby shores. Step Nr.2:get loot. Step Nr.3:dont fight. Step Nr.4:go to the circle. Step Nr.5:avoid everyone. Step Nr.6:camp. Step Nr.7:wait until there is 2 teams left you and your buddy/friend are 1 of them. Step Nr.8:make a base in the circle that you know that the circle will close there Step Nr.9:snipe everyone you see. Step Nr.10:dont let the enemy team push up to you and destroy your base. Step Nr.11:wait/fight until there is 2 team's left you and your buddy/friend are 1 of them. Step Nr.12:if the enemy team has a tower 1x1 destroy the walls on the bottom so they fall and take damage Step Nr.13:if they kills you that means they are better or you did good but they did better, dont rage that wont improve your skills. Step Nr.14: Win! Tips! Dont rage that wont improve your skills, dont go to the toilet in a 1vs1 situation. dont eat in a 1vs1 situation that makes your body fell better but that could make u lose becuse the enemy push you and kills you becuse u ate a snickers/pizza. do not stress! if you start shacking that is becuse you stress to much. if you start sweeting try to pull the sweet away like warp in on your T-shirt becuse if your hands are to sweety your hand can glide and you can randomly shot beside a guy insted of him becuse your hand moved. and do not panik! in a 1VS1 situation! dont go for small break's.

    11 may 2018 19:26 2830

    You need to have good loot and stay hidden.:))

    12 may 2018 06:11 2830

    my com cant handle this game

    12 may 2018 09:04 2830

    you need skills and luck

    12 may 2018 09:25 2830

    its really simple actually, and this trick just for newbie
    1. dont drop in location that have many player like retail row, tilted tower, dusty divot, etc. just drop like in wailing woods, prison, lonely lodge
    2. get weapon fast and get material as fast as you can
    3. kill some people if u want to, but i suggested to camp a lot
    4. wait until 10 or 5 remains player, kill em from behind, or just ambush em if u can
    5. i bet u will get a lot of material and ammo
    6. camp again until 2 player remains (u and other guy)
    7. try as hard as u can to kill em, dont forget to build, if u dont build.. u will die instantly ( i suggested build a fort in high ground first and then camp)

    15 may 2018 09:44 2830

    Honestly, it's either you hide most of the game, making it boring, or you stay in the open (but you build and savenge) and have aleast some value of dopamine.

    5 may 2019 20:52 2830

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