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    Guild Wars 2

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach level 3

    Does this game still work and reward you with gems currently?

    Well the truth is that I have seen very good comments about the game "which is good and worth it" "that if they reward you" ect. But I have also seen bad comments that say that the game is broken and no longer works. Someone who has recently played it can pass the word to me if it works I would appreciate it very much, thank you I hope for the support.

    22 may 2020 18:39 2837

    Not sure, just did it and am awaiting verification. Ill let you know if it works.

    24 may 2020 08:06 2837

    ok thanks
    You let me know well for replying

    25 may 2020 00:49 2837

    Rejected just now. Never played any Guild War game before now. Never had an account. Wasted 2 hours downloding the client and getting to level 3. The first frigging quest in the game makes you dance with cows. Seriously. That's the quest. They made me do that for nothing.

    25 may 2020 07:45 2837

    I put a ticket in, sent a screenshot of my registration email. They credited me and blamed adblock which I already have disabled for this site.

    25 may 2020 20:57 2837

    darxide23 so then they still gave you ur SG?

    26 may 2020 07:17 2837

    hahaha apparently if I think they gave him gems but he had to complain and strange is that they blamed the adblock extension

    27 may 2020 00:19 2837

    sui he would not have disabled adblock as he could have entered the game hahaha

    27 may 2020 00:20 2837

    ahh and darxide 23 how much it weighed to download the game let me know please

    27 may 2020 00:22 2837

    It didnt work the link was broken it kinda got my hopes up xd

    27 may 2020 01:21 2837

    like idk why it broken

    27 may 2020 01:22 2837

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