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    Is this a good game or bad game?

    Is this a good game or bad game??

    2 may 2020 17:39 5190

    Oh second life.... what can I say about second life that hasn't been said before.... It's like many things, but like all online communities that have since really been abandoned by 80% of its users, it harbors the best mixture of /pol/ debate communities and 19 year olds who can't get laid in real life so they 'do it' with anonymous 3d girls in the most sketchy way possible.

    Though I'm sure its better than quarantine.

    7 may 2020 03:51 5190

    Okay, thx for the comment.

    7 may 2020 10:12 5190

    dating simulator for bored teens

    10 may 2020 01:30 5190

    its good

    10 may 2020 01:39 5190

    i hated that game it is awful

    10 may 2020 19:43 5190

    i would recommend to collect some money and go ahead and try the sims

    10 may 2020 19:44 5190

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