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    You guys fixed MM server selection!?

    You guys fixed MM server selection? If so THANK YOU!!! It seems all day today even though my server is set to "Any" I get USA server most all the time! Very cool! Before it was sorta hosed and you had to select USA server and then it was very rarely populated even though me and my friends are from USA. We HAD to select any server. Not only that when I get Europe servers on occasion now I get the 80ms ping one and not the 120ms ping. For the last 1.5 years it has been bad for us USA folks but it seems fixed. Can anyone verify that this is fixed or that they are also seeing a marked improvement? If so this is a big fix and a very important one at that. So much better playing with a 50ms ping! WOohoo!! -Vryce

    18 december 2017 22:44 2176

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