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    Answers to player questions. Part 1

    Which faction should I choose? The choice of faction depends on each survivor's playstyle. Lunatics allow to create light and fast but poorly protected cars, perfect for close combat. And Nomads like balanced vehicles for fighting at medium range. Scavengers prefer heavy half-tanks, heavily armored, but slow. Once a day a player can change the faction and all progress with the previous factions will be preserved. What is the rested bonus? Rested bonus awards additional reputation points (experience). This bonus is 400% and is valid until the player reaches 60,000 total reputation points. The rested bonus is updated every day. How to assign different guns to different buttons? There is a gun icon in the bottom right corner. By clicking on it, you can assign different guns to the buttons that suit you. What is the difference between yellow and white damage numbers? The yellow colour indicates damage dealt to the enemy's cabin, and white colour is displayed when modules and structural elements are damaged. Why do I need fuel? How do I get it? Fuel is required in order to participate in PvE raids. Fuel can be earned in PvP missions. To do this you need to mount the ‘barrel’ part on your armored car. If your team wins and the barrel survives in battle, you will be awarded fuel as a reward. It is worth noting that mounting several barrels is pointless, since only one of them will be effective. What parameters do engines have? Engines have two parameters — engine speed and power. Engine speed is the maximum speed the car can reach, power is how fast the vehicle can reach its maximum speed. What determines the price changes on the market? The economy on the market depends only on the players themselves. They determine the price of selling and buying items and resources. Why do I need coupons? Coupons can be exchanged for ‘Relic Containers’ at the white Engineer's workbench. The container may contain rare or relic parts from any faction. Coupons can also be sold on the market.

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