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    is this pay to win game?

    I tried it but there were always guys with ultra powered guns and outfits

    10 april 2020 21:25 2188


    11 april 2020 03:37 2188

    Do you remember that bit in Call of Duty? You know the one I mean. You were a guy—a war guy—and you ran around a corner to find another war guy running in the opposite direction. Yes! This was your moment. Your raised your RDS and sprayed hot 5.56mm NATO into his exposed back, earning you a hundred points, a kill, and a little shot of dopamist do, because it happened to everybody, everywhere, every day for the last seven years

    11 april 2020 15:50 2188

    i think it's a pay ton win

    14 april 2020 11:55 2188

    its a bit pay to win cuz if a pay to win guy buys the best gun in the game but has really bad aim someone with the worst gun in the game but with good aim would kick the p2w guys ****

    19 april 2020 12:55 2188

    idk lol hhaqjrw

    30 june 2020 18:49 2188

    y juego fornite

    10 july 2020 18:38 2188

    yes its pay to win but still nice game

    13 july 2020 22:16 2188

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