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    Who's your favorite hero?

    I like saber she's epic

    4 april 2020 21:22 5133

    I would have said Emiya if it's Fate/ in general, but if specifically F/GO then it's obviously (me). For all of their myths and tales the journey of Ritsuka resonates with me much stronger than any of the heroic spirits she command. Standing up to the gods, befriending anti-heroes and sometimes straight up villians, being both a hero (part 1) and a villian (part 2), she did all of that without leaving a mark on history, and didn't want to either. Yup, Ritsuka a best.

    5 april 2020 14:19 5133

    I like nero, first fate game i played she was my saber.

    24 april 2020 05:27 5133

    idk I haven't play it yet

    24 april 2020 07:33 5133

    w8, i think it's called servant not hero.. idk

    2 august 2020 01:18 5133

    GILGAMESH, Karna, Arjun etc.

    5 september 2020 12:52 5133

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