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    iOS Gamehag App--Totally Broken?

    I downloaded the Gamehag app for iOS, and it seems to be completely non-functional. Upon first loading, all text was in a different language. I had to force-close and start it up again to get it to display in English. Then, after logging in, I tried to click on some of the contracts (completing tasks in Apps). NONE of the links did anything at all. Am I crazy, or is the iOS app completely useless?

    13 october 2017 15:11 1628

    Hi there!
    I am sorry to hear you have issues with our mobile app. A new, improved and fixed in many aspects version is coming by on iOS and Android devices very soon.
    Stay tuned!

    13 october 2017 15:26 1628

    Ok. I'll look forward to the updated version. Thank you.

    13 october 2017 15:28 1628

    People looking for free stuff on Gamehag, yet for some reason own an overexpensive device.

    Why people choose to spend more money because of the brand, I will never understand.

    13 october 2017 16:38 1628

    Short answer to dracindo's comment - because most people like (useless for themselves) expensive things. I know many people which have expensive phones, but they use it only for social apps and similar...

    14 october 2017 01:03 1628

    Before owning an iPhone I was like you guys, Retard.
    You will never understand an iPhone experience before owning one.

    14 october 2017 05:54 1628

    For anyone curious, tasks on the Contracts page for iOS can be completed this way: open the gamehag website in web browser (not the app), go to the Contracts page and choose an iOS task (e.g. download an app and open it). You will be led to the app store using a link. Download/open the app. I got the Soul Gems very quickly with some of these offers.

    15 october 2017 18:20 1628

    no more appzone for the iphone app :(

    23 october 2018 21:31 1628

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