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    [FREE KNIFE] with daily login

    ---There is a chance to get a knife for free (25% chance) if you visit this site for 30 days in a row (minimum price is 10$). ---With my referral: https://openskins.com/r/dorgen and use code "dorgen" for a free skin. ---Without my referral: https://openskins.com ---Feel free to not enter with my referral, but I really appreaciate if you do.

    10 october 2017 20:25 1628

    I really respect the fact that you shared the site with your referral and without your referral. I'll enter with your referral just for that. An thanks for sharing by the way.

    10 october 2017 20:29 1628


    10 october 2017 20:32 1628

    Skin not in stock, I have to wait for it to come into stock or take the credit, and even if they had the skin I would need to have a balance of 1$ in my account, which should take around 20 days minimum on the daily bonus model. Site wants you to have their name and avatar on your steam name and profile 24/7.

    10 october 2017 21:06 1628

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