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    About the game : in this game you need to fight with monsters , get new armors and weapons, unlock skills , open shops , quests , etc. My opinion : a very cool game , but it is hard to level up .

    12 march 2020 21:43 8

    Its a old game so ,don-t have many activities ,fight ,shop ,minerit and fishing ,make money ,level ,skills ,and items ,best items pick but preferable is to make money for buy

    28 march 2020 00:34 8

    It's one of those MMORPG that has some playability but is over shadowed but other MMORPG like WoW and GW2

    28 march 2020 02:07 8

    Öyun bence çok güzel tavsiye ederim

    28 march 2020 17:23 8

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