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    100% unlimited free CS:GO skins, no scam, no ref, no bull

    I'm not really into FPS games, but i was curious about all this CS:GO hype and all the kids having nerdgasms and creaming their shorts whenever someone says "want a free CS:GO skin?"

    So i gathered all my l33t [email protected] sk1llz and typed in Google the following ultra-classified keywords:

    how to create csgo skin

    And the first result that popped up came with a full guide on how to do just that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=dutch&id=293578909

    So my question is why do people spend all this time and money while you might just as well create your own easy and free?

    30 september 2017 14:41 1628

    openskins . com
    code: danko357
    farmskins . com
    code: 1580239
    if you win 2-3e from promo code than deposit 3e skin and just withdraw...
    insta win xD GL

    30 september 2017 15:38 1628


    30 september 2017 16:09 1628

    '-' i dont play but i want the box

    30 september 2017 16:34 1628

    Who knows? If it makes them happy, let them pay hundreads of dollars for a virtual paintjob of a knife that doesn't even look that good.

    30 september 2017 16:41 1628

    If you do that you are the only one that will sse the skin! The point of skins is to show off! Is not about the skin itself, it's about people seeing that you have skins and saying" Wow that guy is awesome!"

    30 september 2017 22:45 1628


    30 september 2017 22:46 1628

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