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    "You've lost the level for your disgraceful behavior"

    For about 2 or 3 days my level was 3 with 0% exp, now my level's 2 with 97% exp. The notification says "You've lost the level for your disgraceful behavior". Disgraceful? Which side is disgraceful? Me? Not Gamehag? I haven't committed any disgraceful behavior using Gamehag, but this is not the first time for me to lose exp. What is disgraceful and what is not? Do I have to leave a long and detailed post or reply every time, so that my behavior wouldn't be regarded as DISGRACEFUL? If I were spamming I would've achieved higher level much earlier, I just have been trying to leave only meaningful and appropriate posts or replies. Even there are days which I didn't write anything here, thinking there's no meaningful reply I may leave. Despite of this part of what I had done was regarded "disgraceful". I'm holding myself not to leave any bad languages cause it would be so easy to be flagged as "disgraceful" and removed, but I can't help feeling Gamehag is concerned with taking away some of the user's exp along with their time and effort spent on here.

    9 march 2020 16:07 1628

    xxxka - do we get SGs for reporting spams? Didn't know this, but I believe there should be something which checkes if it really is a spam or a irresponsible report.
    cmoudik233 - sorry, I can't understand what you're saying here.
    jtcnw - go search for my threads or comments, you'll see I never had done such a thing. (If I ever did those would have been removed already, but I'm confident with myself.

    10 march 2020 17:19 1628

    @sengda - yes you get a SG for each spam reported which is found as spam/foul language/ref links etc.. . and its checked manually by mods.

    10 march 2020 20:51 1628

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