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    Xp is taken away from almost everyone now even if their comment or thread is perfect.

    it doesn't matter how much effort you put on your comment or your thread or how perfect they're you'll still lose xp for some reason, I honestly don't know how the system works here on gamehag or if the comments really get inspected carefully by a moderator, so just keep trying and hoping that you earn more xp than you lose.

    9 march 2020 01:55 1628

    all reported comments are reviewed by mods, but theres many who reports randomly, so spam and non spam is just one big pile, and i can tell that as a fact.

    9 march 2020 01:58 1628

    @line_madsen so when you review each report comment, are you required to check the whole thread for context or you just take the content at face value?

    10 march 2020 14:02 1628

    I don't think they check the whole thing or at least not always, as he said there are so many reported comments and threads.
    I think could fix that by putting more moderators to check reported comments and punish those who report randomly.

    10 march 2020 23:41 1628

    @fomi, i check all the messages im going though, so i even look at the thread. but theres a few exceptions.. like "fdhfpoæwiijhfo" messages.. i have'nt been told im required to check the thread to see the contect, but its a normal thing for me, as i've been a mod other places before.

    @lonelyspirit as far as i know their working on it, as im one of the new mods. we cant see who report the post though, but even with more mods, it wouldnt stop people from reporting randomly, as long its an option that people can report spam, it will be done.

    11 march 2020 00:02 1628

    Wait what.. ? Is that actually true.? Is it because those meanies reporting it as spam?

    11 march 2020 03:42 1628

    Should check if the reporters are the same ppl who keep reporting and check if they r reporting for no reason and then ban them if the report was useless.

    11 march 2020 11:54 1628

    I know right my xp was taken away

    11 march 2020 12:10 1628

    This could be solved by removing the xp given for reporting spam. That way people will stop reporting every comment they don't like

    11 march 2020 13:23 1628

    Yea they removed mine i was 50% and i got 30%

    11 march 2020 13:25 1628

    I was just commenting on the forums for fun and i wanted to write an article! so i did i spent so much time on it and then, i lost all my XP. i just wanna get to level 3 so i can quit gamehag

    13 november 2020 10:46 1628

    True sometimes you get so much XP and then loose all you'r hard work just becasue of someone who just randomly reported you.In my last account I was almost at leavel 3 when I lost all my XP and ended up at level 1 with 0 points and they sent me a notification saying they got all my XP away for my disgracefull behaiviour. 😞

    13 november 2020 14:53 1628

    i was lvl 3 now for some reason i am back to level 2 this is so bad

    14 november 2020 07:57 1628

    i dont understand why my comments get counted as spam and my XP deleted , i dont go "oiefjo0wefo0ewf0oewjpk0'k" on comments section , i whouldnt say my comments are especially vapid , i whould actually go the other end and say my comments tend to be longer side and generally have more thought into them than a lot of comments here (this thread is fine tho) in hope that a gamehag employee wont see it and mark it as spam

    do i need to write a best seller novel about the meaning of live in every post so mods dont think i am spamming here?

    we also need more ways to get XP (ie. watching ads also gives XP) so people wont come here , post spam/brain dead comments and lvling up is faster and wont take your XP away and leveling up isnt this Sisyphean task where you write stuff , get from idk 60% to 80% then back again to 60% because mod decided the pretty good comment i whould say was spam

    TL:DR Leveling up feels less like something achivable and more of a Sisyphean task where you roll the boulder up the mountain , and then it gets rolled back because yes

    i think i have reached aprox. 80% (lvl2) like 3-4 times now , i am trying to get to lvl 3 to get the 150 golden eagles so i can finally do tasks for war thunder which seem to be the only ones that work and get my 1000 SG in one month to open the monthly chest , i am starting to get tired of this...

    26 november 2020 23:13 1628

    I think a lot of it is because when topics get deleted due to spam comments in that topic even the legitimate posters lose exp associated with those posts

    27 november 2020 06:52 1628

    If commenting is not good way to getting XP, what we have left? Surveys which are worse than in other similar sites? So only option is to hope that you will get some XP out of games you play at PC (PRetty much same thing for mobile games that there are multiple platforms with better rewards).

    27 november 2020 18:45 1628

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