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    Soraka or Yuumi?

    Soraka good but yuumi is op?

    28 february 2020 13:52 77

    no yuumi is nerfed her 3rd ability just sucks. but when you max her 3rd its good but i prefered soraka because of its ms when someone is low and its broken ap but unfortunately top soraka is now nerfed

    29 february 2020 09:54 77

    U need to know how to play Yummi.Its not too easy like Soraka is.With Soraka u just ult and u heal whole team and get few assists.But with Yummi u need to know when to jump,when to heal,when u can ult,u need to know how to Q.So for beginners Soraka for better players i can say its Yummi.So its Yummi for me.

    22 march 2020 22:35 77

    Yuumi i play m4 yuumi and she can be op with ardent censor athenes unholy grail and rabadons deathcap

    23 march 2020 01:40 77

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