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    Forge of Empires

    (3.91/5) 1445 rates

    theres no reward help me fast

    how to get rewards from this i cant see anything

    22 february 2020 16:57 3


    22 february 2020 16:57 3

    If you mean the tasks, there appear to be a number of people suggesting the tasks don't payout on FOE. I've experienced the same... despite providing screenshots with the same nickname as on gamehag, and showing that I'm in the Bronze Age, the task gets rejected. I'd suggest trying another game as this one appears a non-payer.

    14 april 2020 15:02 3

    i love this game because i like history

    14 april 2020 19:52 3

    I started playing last year and am currently in the Industrial Age. Can't wait until the neighborhood switches out next week. I'm tired of my city getting attacked.

    17 april 2020 04:28 3

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