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    (3.07/5) 43 rates

    where can i download this game ?

    Cant seem to find it

    21 february 2020 00:50 4925

    In playstore,maybe

    29 february 2020 23:15 4925

    I see here that the game is played on browser, similar to "Game of Thrones Winter is Coming" and "Soul Calibur". So I supposed it isn't to be installed. Apparently just click on the button PLAY FOR FREE and you'll be redirected to the site of the game.

    Edit 1 : Now I tried to view the site that was supposed to be redirected by the gamehag button, however it's linked with the Command Center of the gamehag own site. So probably it was removed, like as "Soul Calibur" don't give any SGems (Cuz task for it was remove) as well as the link also redirects to the same place.

    Edit 2: I tried to report the link button, but don't know if it will result in any change from them.

    29 february 2020 23:18 4925

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