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    An important part of Last Day on Earth is finding enough food to sate your appetite and keep healthy at all times. However, aside from the ferocious wolves that attack you and that drop meat when you defeat them, your main source of nourishment will come from either garden beds, or from hunting deer to obtain meat. The first method consists of planting seeds, which will grow into carrots after a few minutes. Each carrot can be consumed raw, and recharge 15 HP, 25 hunger points, and 5 thirst points. However, if you cook them in the campfire first, you will create carrot stew, which restores an extra 5 HP. It is not necessary to cook the carrots, but it is recommended when you have some free time to maximize the healing potential of these ingredients. When hunting for deer, unless you have a ranged weapon, chasing down your quarry is a very risky endeavor. While you chase the animal through the woods, you might attract the attention of zombies and other enemies, and become the prey yourself without noticing. For this reason, stealth is your best friend when hunting for deer, which you can activate by pressing the Z key. In this manner, you can crouch walk towards your prey unnoticed. If you manage to get in melee range, you can unleash a sneak attack that will kill your prey in a single hit. In this manner, you can obtain food without attracting any roaming zombies.

    20 february 2020 20:38 5148

    Try attack everyone zombie from back it give extra damage or insta kill

    30 march 2020 02:18 5148

    1.Dont throw away Empty bottles they can be refilled using the rain catchee 2.Dont just try punching a bloater,have some weapons at hand 3.Always have some type of food in your inventory as they can hhurt

    6 july 2020 11:43 5148

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