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    best guide for beginners !!!!!

    Your first few days there in the wastes can be rough, so we have put together a little guide to help fellow survivors orient themselves in this new, treacherous world! But REMEMBER! This game is still in early BETA, so some things may change over time. Still, this will give you a basic leg-up to get you started. "…if I’ve lived this long it’s because I’ve always feared the worst and been ready for it." - Flashman LDOE:S (Last Day on Earth: Survival) is a zombie survival game along the lines of DayZ or H1Z1 (or 7 Days, Ark, etc.). Your goal is to survive in a hostile environment, building up your base, collecting resources, and fending off invaders both alive and dead. You will spawn on a plot of land that will serve as your home base. Initially it will have a selection of basic resources - stone, wood, berries, a little iron deposits, and a few zombies/wolves/deer. This area will serve as your safe haven in this world and the resources here will not respawn. You may notice that your food/water are already dropping pretty quickly, but do not worry about that. Your first goal is to stay alive and collect food to fend off starvation. Later you will have to expand the area so you can place useful buildings such as the campfire, melting furnace, small boxes, etc. As of Beta v.1.9.4, you start with a partial base, with a Meat Dryer, Cozy Couch, Houseplant, Small Box, Dining Table, CB Radio (not finalized) on 3x3 floors and level 2 walls, Chopper (not finalized) and Gunsmith Bench (not finalized) on 2x4 floors and partial level 3 walls. You will find an old pickup truck that has some scrap/loot inside of it. You can equip the cleaver inside to deal more damage, and wear the thick jacket for protection, but be mindful of the weapon's and armor's durability. This can also be used as a storage container. (TIP) - To kill a Deer, sneak up behind it with a melee weapon (recommend using a Spear to one-shot it) to do more damage. First, grab some pine logs and limestones from the ground to craft a hatchet. If you get accosted by a zombie or wolf, do not panic. You can easily kill anything you come across on this map so just swing away. Scrounge up some berries if you take too much damage - they will be your primary source of healing in the near future. Old Pickup Truck contains: 3 Scrap Metal 2 Rope Thick Jacket Cleaver 2 Bottle of Water

    17 february 2020 17:09 5148

    craft as much as weapons you can and level up as fast as you can. don't aware of others. but help them if you are able to protect them. that is the rule of survival

    19 february 2020 16:23 5148

    keep the berries for your food, its always easy to find at any map

    20 february 2020 00:30 5148

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