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    What level are you going for?

    I am not sure probbably going for how much I can reach.

    7 september 2017 15:25 1628

    I am only goes for level 3, I need to each that rank to redeem reward and maybe I will go to level 4 but idk when, it because I'm busy this month with real life thing

    7 september 2017 15:56 1628

    you dont need to be here all the time its enough to loign na dpost few comments (5 minutes top)

    7 september 2017 16:05 1628

    well I need to know more about this website, and yeah I have some of other website that nearly same as Gamehag, I think I waste total 4 hours a day on them all

    7 september 2017 16:12 1628

    Oh claine i didnt know, I wasted my time on other websites too but I gave up, too much time consuming

    7 september 2017 17:09 1628

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