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    An important note in gamehag terms.

    § 5 Soul Stones and prizes 23. The Administrator shall deliver the Prize no later than within 30 days from the date of confirmation that the User has obtained the required number of Soul Stones. https://gamehag.com/terms

    3 september 2017 23:20 1628

    so we cant ***** about not getting reward under few days it seem good tho,

    4 september 2017 00:10 1628

    well in my country and in my situation this site is the only way to get what I want.

    4 september 2017 00:25 1628

    Here's more people never read or realize:

    § 2-17 In the event of a suspicion of a breach of the law or of these Terms and Conditions by the User the Administrator reserves the right to remove or block the account of the User responsible for the breach without giving reasons. The User’s account shall be blocked for 30 days or until such time when the reason for blocking the account ceased to exist.

    ^basically a way for GameHag to deprive you of any 'rights' you think you might have here. They can (and often will) strip you of your account and earnings without having to clarify or justify their reasons!

    § 2- 19 The Administrator shall not be liable for any actions of the Users relating to their use of the Portal carried out for purposes which are in breach of the Terms and Conditions or legal regulations in force. Portal Users shall be fully liable for the consequences of their actions and in particular they are obligated to ensure that their actions comply with the law in force. In the event of a suspicion of a user committing an offence the Administrator shall notify law enforcement authorities thereof.

    ^you are always guilty untill you prove yourself innocent

    § 5 - 2 The User shall receive Soul Stones free of charge in exchange for recommending the Portal, promoting the Portal or linking it to the social network profile, downloading a mobile application.

    ^a BLATANT LIE - downloading their app does not earn you SG, getting traffic does not earn SG, referrals earn ONLY once when they earn 1000SG on their own

    § 5 - 5 The Administrator is not a party to any legal transactions carried out between the User and a Partner. The Administrator shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil or improper fulfilment of an obligation by the Partner, including failure to award or awarding a smaller number of Soul Stones.

    ^GameHag hides behind 3rd party support, They are not obliged to pay you in any way if 3rd party does not pay GameHag. They are not obliged to help you in any way if 3rd party denies your participation for any reason known or unknown

    § 5 - 17 In the event of the User breaching the terms and Conditions the Administrator reserves the right to cancel all Soul Stones gathered by the User.

    ^one mistake by user, on purpose or accident GameHag reserves the right to cancel all your earnings

    Anyway i think i made my point, these terms are nothing really special too since most sites use something similar
    As user you will always have the short end of the stick
    Read the terms, be careful and get lucky!

    4 september 2017 04:21 1628

    well if you have a better site to get steam gift cards or games that I can use tell me XD. at least I won 5$ steam gift card from here so far.

    4 september 2017 08:59 1628

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