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    Is 15 wins a bit too much ?

    Is 15 wins a bit too much ? I think that its better like this : 1st task : win 5 rounds 2nd task : win 10 rounds 3rd task : win 15 rounds

    3 january 2020 13:00 2176

    15 wins is literally 30 minutes of playing and you'll be matched with newer players anyways so it won't be too tough, I've seen contracts that take more than weeks to complete but give no more than 200 gems

    4 january 2020 13:22 2176

    Where i can see my wins?

    4 january 2020 13:49 2176

    I don't now

    4 january 2020 21:03 2176

    but I can finde ute

    4 january 2020 21:04 2176

    15 matches is pretty reasonable because obviously they won’t give you something as simple as getting your first win or something. Also youll be paired up with new players and i think bots too.

    6 january 2020 14:28 2176

    15 matches is a pretty fast and simple task to complete

    6 january 2020 19:44 2176

    i dont soory :(

    7 january 2020 17:15 2176

    At the beggining the matches are super fast. It took like 30-40 minutes. Now waiting for task aproval. That will take a while

    7 january 2020 20:14 2176

    You can find the number of won battles in your profile under medals

    8 january 2020 00:31 2176

    it really isnt to much since the game is fast paced and ends quickly

    8 january 2020 12:08 2176

    Hey This is The Favorite Game Of The Player The Shadows Was BECOME

    8 january 2020 14:34 2176

    30min only if you win all the battles and you don't bother improving the vehicle (or don't give much thought about it). Even then it may be a little short. Games often take 2min, and they can't exceed 3min (after 3min, the game ends, and the winner is the leading team). I wasn't looking how long my first games took, but when I started looking, games took at best 1min50s.

    Anyway, let's say 2min per game. 2×15=30min already. Take into account the time it takes between each game, you can add an easy 30s to 1min per game (depending on how long you have to wait at the time you play). There are parts to add to improve your vehicle, and increase chances of winning. Knowing that if you're a good addition to the team, you can easily get above 70-80% wins, but if you're not, you're most likely to get around 50% wins (there are always as much players on any team, so if you have to rely on others to win, you'll lose when they are on the opposite team).

    And if you're a good addition to the team... Nice. But that's a team game. Even if you kill everybody else, teammates will have been helpful for AT LEAST one thing : Taking damages themselves, meaning that's less damage you took yourself. So you kept your wheels and weapons. You can be the best player in the world, if you lost your weapons, you won't destroy anybody, and if you lost your wheels, you will neither hinder enemies nor capture the enemy base (while you become an easy target, since you're a still target).

    So yeah, I'd say 1 hour would be more accurate if you're at least an okay addition to the team, or you're lucky. Although it it, of course, possible to take less time. Nevertheless, as @WolfyMaster said, that's really not much time spent for the SG it gives.

    8 january 2020 14:46 2176

    Gaijin is the developer, so its a good game and a good task

    11 january 2020 01:13 2176

    Eieiei ieiwjahabab oeo jan oli eh oh

    11 january 2020 01:22 2176

    No it is not too much just play and enjoy in this great game !

    17 january 2020 04:25 2176

    its not really that much. doesnt take too long cause each game goes by super quick

    18 january 2020 05:25 2176

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