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    Is this game good, or trash?

    Some YouTubers said that Neverwinter has problems including tons of pay 2 win. However, they don't show some of the problems to prove it. For anyone who has tried the game and has looked at everything there, is there any pay 2 win? Are there any glitches/bugs? Are the mechanics broken? Are the questing systems good? Is this game objectively better than other MMORPGs in many areas? I'm just wondering so I can decide whether to play this game or not, especially since this site offers big rewards for this game.

    29 december 2019 00:59 2148

    I'm far from seeing all there is but i've got a bit of time into it so here are my thoughts and observations. Yes, there are ingame options via real money that will provide an advantage. I haven't personally encountered any gamebreaking bugs. Gameplay mechanics are dated and also what you would expect from a f2p mmorpg, so pretty average. Questing is generic fantasy mmo fluff and once again, average. Does it stand out among other similar titles? No, not really. It's pretty mediocre overall in my opinion. Nonetheless it's a decent time-killer and if you like fantasy style mmorpg's it can be an ok experience. It's certainly not the worst i've played.

    29 december 2019 04:21 2148

    All right, thanks a lot.

    29 december 2019 07:34 2148

    I found that Neverwinter was actually somewhat enjoyable, and from what I have seen only the usual special chests and special characters require money, so it is not very pay to win in my opinion.

    29 december 2019 20:21 2148

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