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    War Thunder

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    Is War Thunder better than World of thanks, World of warships ???

    I think it isnt. Whats your oppinion ?

    25 december 2019 23:41 11

    War Thunder is a lot more realistic,while World of Tanks and World of Warships are a lot more arcadey. I say it is down to your personal preferences.

    26 december 2019 09:17 11

    I found the interface of War Thunder to be overwhelming. The tutorial tells you the absolute minimum basics.
    Takes a while to figure out what some things in the gamemenu are.

    World of .... is more beginner friendly.

    27 december 2019 10:34 11

    I like more Wo ... series

    27 december 2019 14:57 11

    war thunder is better due to the fact that war thunder is a lot more realistic of world of warships and world of tanks and also war thunder isnt about just planes and tanks since they updated it to include ships

    29 december 2019 07:56 11

    war thunder is better, bc it is way more realistic in handling,shooting etc.

    29 december 2019 15:20 11

    i play both and both games have had and good stuff

    29 december 2019 16:28 11

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