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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1582 rates

    Wrong hitboxes ?

    Is it just me or it's so hard to kill someone ? I can't kill almost anyone xD, and when I see someone is shooting on side of body and kill someone, it seems really easy but I think the hitbox there is not perfect cuz they 100% missed it..

    23 december 2019 17:18 808

    Fun fact: your hitbox is much bigger than your personage, and if your ping is high it'll become as the whole map.

    23 december 2019 18:32 808

    Well if you got high ping, that might simply be the problem. Another thing: Crossairs will shake when you shoot so that might make you think that you hit while it didn’t

    24 december 2019 08:12 808

    I don think so

    24 december 2019 11:10 808

    yes you need a good ping to see players in their right places (matched with their in time hitboxes)

    24 december 2019 12:46 808

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