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    why is this site decreasing my xp

    idk why . i havent done spam or sth to decrease my ex but every day i have to start from lvl 1 . whyy

    21 december 2019 10:53 1628

    This is happening to me. But I don't know why

    21 december 2019 13:05 1628

    This is happening to me

    21 december 2019 13:41 1628

    If some one is reporting your coment on foroms , you will lose xp. This site is not looking if is a spam or is a insult so be careful and try to dont make someone to report you .

    21 december 2019 14:46 1628

    try talking to an admin on the discord server maybe he could help you

    21 december 2019 15:48 1628

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