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    Why my level decreased

    2 h ago was 83% and now is 53 why and i have same level

    16 december 2019 16:59 1628

    well the report system is pretty bad, u can just report someone and their lvl will get lowered plus they will get a message that says "u have lost the lvl for disgraceful behaviour".

    16 december 2019 17:01 1628

    I dont have any masage

    16 december 2019 17:04 1628

    I received no such message yet my exp decreased anyway lol

    16 december 2019 17:05 1628

    Here we go again. For the 3rd time. Gamehag moderators or staff removing comments when someone complains about the broken system. Rather than giving a statement they pretty much delete these kinds of topics. I don't expect anything different for this one. And pretty sure my XP will go down to 0% for the 4th or God knows how many time. Guys, this is getting tiresome. Literally you are not allowed to say anything on this forum. And don't come with the same nonsense reply that it was because of spam because I can guarantee you it wasn't. Please fix this urgently if any staff member reads this. At this point I never see myself reaching level 3. If my comments are not good then I don't know what you don't consider spam. Other shorter comments are fine that have a couple of words and replies to nonsense VS topics or which one is better or what is your favorite food etc.

    At this point I wish Tremor Games was still alive. Please fix the nonsense leveling system and punish actual spammers because at this point you owe me two extra levels. You can look at my previous posts if someonehow staff and moderators can still access those. Have a great day!

    16 december 2019 19:13 1628

    well i wont say anything to anybody if i have too
    and if you get level 3 then stop tring to get higher

    16 december 2019 19:20 1628

    with the broken report system, Gamehag literally suspended me from another account i had for 24 years cuz of some comments about a topic and 2 spam comments

    And dont even get me started on the levels they took from me

    16 december 2019 19:56 1628

    Usualy gets decreased because of "dishonorable behaviour".

    16 december 2019 21:36 1628

    Yes but what "dishonorable behavior"? If they are going to take away or XP they should at least be more specific.

    17 december 2019 03:04 1628

    how is possible?

    17 december 2019 09:40 1628

    The system is so bad I don't get exp anymore for comments. I don't really care since I am already a higher level then required. But for people like you stuck in level 1 or 2, it is injustice. And it will drive away a whole lot of people, and this website could just shutdown.

    20 december 2019 01:18 1628

    All I want to do at this point is to get to Level 3 fairly and without any accusations that I spammed or something. I know it's not hard but all you need to do is to let me do that. On my side you won't find any spam. I can assure you that. At this point they shoot before they ask and pretty much censoring everything in the topics that got removed. I bet that my XP will get reset for the 5th or 6th time again soon. Can't keep track anymore how many times that happend.

    Plus it's hard to find any topics in which you can actually contribute something to the community rather than telling people not to spam or giving the same old obvious replies that other members give that are much higher level than me. Those posts are fine but mine are not. I find that very interesting.

    20 december 2019 01:48 1628

    At this point I am clueless what is going on. 11 hours ago I had Level 1 40% XP, now I have 20%. Hemoraging XP just because reasons. I didn't break any of the site rules. Might be an issue with the moderators. They are way too young and they are either abusing their powers or they don't know how to differentiate spam from actual comments. From now on every time I lose XP I will bring this up. This cannot continue anymore. How many times do I need to rephrase the same thing so that some change gonna happen?

    20 december 2019 13:10 1628

    happened to me too, i really dont know what is happening

    20 december 2019 13:41 1628

    i have no idea

    20 december 2019 14:08 1628

    I am using the website. Please do not post generic replies in here. These kinds of replies help nobody. Post your experience, let others know what happened rather than "i have no idea" or "i really don't know" or "happened to me too". If you expect things to get better then make a detailed post. The forum is pretty much only about "How to get XP", "Why my XP decreased" and SPAM. As for moderators. Don't delete entire topics. Delete comments that are spam.

    There! I made a suggestion. Can you listen now please?

    20 december 2019 14:39 1628

    Here we go again! Yesterday I had LEVEL 2 | 4%, today I have LEVEL 2 | 0%. No notification about the lost experience, but you still keep deleting topics and deleting topics and punishing everyone. Even if the topic was about Christmas gifts. At this point I don't even know what to post and I have a fear that pretty much all my posts can get deleted no matter what just to keep people away from LEVEL 3 as much as possible. No matter if you try to get there legit or by spamming.

    27 december 2019 12:17 1628

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