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    Can anybody tell me how I can show that I have trained 300 troops? I tried showing them my troop count but it wasn't approved. I have no idea as to how I show how many troops are being trained from the barracks, range, stables and siege factory at once.

    17 november 2019 12:57 6422

    I will attempt to resubmit the image with AdBlock disabled to see if it works. Thx in advance

    17 november 2019 12:58 6422

    Mine wasn't rejected, but its taking an awfully long time to work.

    17 november 2019 15:46 6422

    ı can ı vamprie lvl need levl fınısh game

    17 november 2019 16:48 6422

    I made a new account but no, these people dont waont emaskdm[k

    17 november 2019 18:14 6422

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