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    my xp is stuck at level 2 75% can somebody help me get it out of that so i could actually buy something

    it was originally 90% yesterday so im wondering what is happening

    3 november 2019 12:18 1628

    My xp was 82% but today it is 51% i dont know what is it.

    3 november 2019 12:25 1628

    i think they might be just resetting our levels so we dont overcap and abuse the feature!

    3 november 2019 12:25 1628

    There's a daily cap on how much XP you can earn on a single day, try again tmr when the counter resets

    3 november 2019 13:53 1628

    supz where is the counter

    3 november 2019 13:54 1628

    At this point I just assume I'm pissing people off when my xp drops, freezes, or whatever.

    Something tells me whoever's been reporting me doesn't have a sense of humor or is some kid that doesn't understand.

    5 november 2019 09:36 1628

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