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    fortnite becoming the most downloaded game in pc

    well the new fortnite season seems so lit that the fortnite has broke the download record currently fortnite has the most download in pc right it seems it will be able to tke a lot of attaraction towards itself during the chapter 2 its just like a totally new fornite game right now. what you all think about fortnite comment down below

    31 october 2019 08:41 2830

    Ummm its dying lol

    31 october 2019 08:54 2830

    how is it dying the new season is so lit whats the bad thing in it

    31 october 2019 08:55 2830

    gggs man weve lost

    31 october 2019 21:56 2830

    well there goes fortnite in the black hole

    1 november 2019 03:30 2830

    it even came back and new chapter of fortnite is started lol

    1 november 2019 04:53 2830

    Well the new season was pretty good

    1 november 2019 09:51 2830

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