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    Alliance will replace Geek Fam at ESL One Hamburg 2019

    Due to visa problems, Geek Fam, one of the most prominent SEA teams, will be unable to participate in ESL One Hamburg 2019. This means that the organizers had to find a replacement just weeks before the event started. Luckily, they managed to do it in just a few hours after the announcement.
    We honestly can’t really think of a better replacement. Alliance has been absolutely on fire after they ripped through the competition in the qualifiers for the MDL Chengdu Major. The current roster of the team is not the same as in the last DPC. Instead, the Swedish organization decided to acquire Adrian “Fata” Trinks’s new stack. So far, it looks like this was the right decision. Of course, we are yet to see if the team has what it takes to win tournaments. After all, this is the most important part.
    ESL One Hamburg 2019 will begin in a few weeks from now. Even though it is not a DPC event, it will gather some of the best teams in the world. This was expected because the prize pool will be a staggering $300k USD.

    19 october 2019 06:48 5035

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