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    Lil is Needs New team Again. Winstrike Disbands.

    Chapter 1: Lack of Wins.
    Winstrike, a team that formed literally weeks before the TI9 qualifiers, meets its unexpected end once again. The team consisting of all-stars from CIS region such as Lil, Cooman, Nofear, Silent and nongrata, did not produced a good enough result for them to stay together.
    And it’s not just because they didn’t qualify for TI9 but also in the recent Chengdu major qualifiers. That is probably the decisive game that left Winstrike in shambles as they finally concluded that they just aren’t fit to play with each other.
    While the current Winstrike roster has been dropped, the Winstrike organization do still have plans to play for the current DPC season but with a new roster. The new roster will be assembled by former Virtus.pro and Team Empire coach, ArsZeeqq. So until the announcement goes live, we will have to wait to see what Winstrike could be up to.
    Chapter 2: Just Lil Things.
    Anyways, a little detail to the Winstrike roster that just formed in May 2019. It all started with Lil tweeting about looking for a team, where he gave some “benefits” of playing with him. Some of in includes being fluent in English, having a large hero pool and playstyle and will carry you to TI.
    Obviously the last benefit there didn’t age well, however, along those lines, he also mentioned that he’s a calm, non-toxic, adequate and hardworking player and is also 100% team player. What makes it even more hilarious is that he also admits that he used to be a “****” in media but it’s in the past.
    Let’s be frank here, Lil is definitely still a “****” and he has not changed. It was only 4 months after this tweet, when Virtus.pro took an early elimination in the International 2019. And oh boy, was Lil waiting for this day since VP kicked him out in 2017.
    Chapter 3: Adding Insult to Injury.
    In a post back in August, Lil wrote a long tweet about this whole situation where basically Virtus.pro kicked him, he isn’t happy about it and look at Virtus.pro now, they got eliminated early because they didn’t listen to me.
    Not only is this the worst form of insult, to actually wait for the team that you harbour hate for, to lose in Internationals while you sit at home, not even making it through the CIS qualifiers. That’s some real commitment by Lil right there.
    Fortunately, PPD immediately tells Lil off, asking him to get over his hate because Lil posting every time VP struggles is pathetic and predictable. Not to mention that it’s just toxicity at its best. PPD definitely did us all a favour there.
    Chapter 4: Recipe for Disaster.
    Anyways, back to the whole Winstrike situation. Let’s be frank here, creating a team in May, practicing for perhaps 2 months before the qualifiers, aren’t enough to secure a ticket to TI. Teams need months to play together just to get used to each other’s playstyle and learn to adjust to each other. Tier-1 performance is not something that can be achieved in just less than 3 months.
    Just take most of the teams in TI9 for example, Team Secret, Virtus.pro, LGD and literally every team took close to a year to be worthy competitors in TI9. The new Alliance took 2 years to reach what they are today, yet it only took one wrong pick in the draft to screw their whole TI9 run and end at last place.
    However, props to Winstrike for keeping the team at least till Chengdu qualifiers happened.
    Chapter 5: A Rough Sea in CIS.
    With the current roster shuffle happening in CIS, the tides and competition in CIS region has never been so unstable. Virtus.pro missed their first major since 2 years ago and we are seeing different names representing CIS in the first ever major.

    19 october 2019 06:46 5035

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