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    Are chests worth it?

    Is it good to open chests?

    16 october 2019 14:25 1628

    But there is a bigger chance of loosing

    16 october 2019 18:57 1628

    Nope. It is better to keep your soulgem and buy the item you desire. By buying chests you have a very little chance to win a big prize

    16 october 2019 18:59 1628

    I only gotten links as keys in my chests and no way of using it so I won't advise anyone to buy them.

    17 october 2019 00:54 1628

    for me I think the chests that are worth getting are the ones you can get for free like event chests, weekly chest, daily steam chest or weekly steam chest these can give you a lot of goodies.
    about the other chests that you can get by souls gems you have a pretty small chance of getting a good game however if you're lucky enough you may get lucky and get a good game !

    17 october 2019 03:49 1628

    I think it is not worth it to exhange soul gems for chests. There is low chance of getting a cd key you want

    17 october 2019 05:02 1628

    Chests are scam

    17 october 2019 06:31 1628

    No theres really small chance to get good things

    17 october 2019 06:32 1628

    haha 😂 for its like wasting SG becos i think its 70 to 90% chance that u get only steam key which will give you some useless game so its not worth it

    17 october 2019 09:09 1628

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