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    Max how many soul gems can i get from apps for a day?

    I think it can be different.But pls if someone knows write to form

    14 october 2019 15:11 1628

    by apps, what do you mean?
    If you mean tasks, they reward nicely but can only be done once and that's it. Depending on your region, there could be a ton of games or just a few, and reward amounts also vary
    If you mean Contracts... those things are weird. Some times they reward, sometimes they don't. I believe there's a way to contact support for each wall of contracts but... Judging by experience, they're kinda unreliable. At least for me
    If you meant the App Zone, you can get up to 100 SG per day. Do it every day and you get 700 a week!

    14 october 2019 23:43 1628

    Kinda agree with the contracts... games with task worked better for me

    15 october 2019 03:48 1628

    Doesnt seem like a lot

    15 october 2019 03:53 1628

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