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    crossout 15 winning?!? !!?! ??!

    Where can I see the games I won ???

    28 september 2019 21:07 2176

    In your profile, in medals, there is one with the number of battles won against other players.

    28 september 2019 22:02 2176

    alright thank you for the answer, got my rewards now ;)

    3 october 2019 21:24 2176

    dude deception i need help all my screenshots keep getting rejected for some reason

    3 october 2019 23:28 2176

    I've sent 2 times screen shots, both of them rejected, so i've given up trying. Now i've read you comment and i want to try it again, so could you help me please? I've tryed to write Misty, but i have only the option "creat a ticket"/"task problem". Probably i did something wrong, but i don't know what, i've searched on forum, but no answers.
    My questions:
    - How a good screen shot looks like?
    - Could you write down step by step how to tell Misty to take a look at my screen shot again?
    Please, i want to do game tasks, but i'm always got rejected. :(

    5 october 2019 17:49 2176

    I got this too, sent the right page and got a 'rejected because it doesn't show the task message'. If you go to misty the autobot just dead ends with a 'send it again' message. I guess you'd have to create a ticket.

    6 october 2019 03:33 2176

    Well I got a support answer for this. Apparently "You can not use the account from another task (eg War Thunder accounts for a Crossout task) even though these games are on one platform."
    So even though they are entirely separate games, because they are both made by Gaijin you need to create a new Gaijin account with a different email address etc, not just a new Crossout account.

    6 october 2019 05:24 2176

    Thanks for your helpful answers, i'm appreciate it!

    6 october 2019 18:52 2176

    You just gotta be lucky if you are playing solo.

    9 october 2019 14:34 2176

    i dont know how to play

    7 november 2019 03:26 2176

    please teach me ho to dogie

    7 november 2019 03:26 2176

    is 15 raid battles or 15 mission battles?

    8 november 2019 15:41 2176

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