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    when i first friended you dieiflie i did not expect you to give away games and if so i want assassians Creed games not assassians Creed 2

    26 september 2019 17:02 2814

    Dreamers i dont have assassians creed games and i am just like u all i am user on gamehag who want earn games

    26 september 2019 22:46 2814

    Ok so you have opned random crates and think nope dont want it or hey! Its a dupe i can give it away am i right?

    26 september 2019 22:50 2814

    How do you earn points so fast?

    26 september 2019 22:55 2814

    how to earn soul gems on gamehag easy 2019

    28 september 2019 17:14 2814

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