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    F: Battle Royale

    (4.24/5) 3793 rates

    What you Think... is fortnite Actually Dying?

    I think fortnite Updates Make fans angry and they are no more playing

    15 september 2019 11:32 2830

    Just Get Minecraft my dudes

    15 september 2019 11:42 2830

    I really don't think so. I just started and I have things I'm angry about, but I keep going back to it anyways. They did a good job in making it addictive. I love Minecraft too, it's better for the building part, exploring the world etc. while fortnite is a better Shooter and has quick battles so why don't play both

    16 september 2019 11:29 2830

    norteo pero hay mucha gente q se esta quejando por todo lo q hacen

    16 september 2019 19:38 2830

    Idk i play all 3 games like i play that game for 1h and others for 1 h soo i dont need to think what i shall play

    19 september 2019 08:40 2830

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