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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

    (3.63/5) 5259 rates

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    thoughts on the game

    i like the series but the game is disappointing

    31 august 2019 19:34 4117


    2 september 2019 14:49 4117

    I am also a tiny bit disappointed by the fact that the story plays very little into the gameplay, but I find the illustrations to be quite gorgeous, especially for the characters that are featured on the show. While this game does sort of push the recharge feature a bit, I was able to climb to 500K without spending a single dime because of a good alliance that helps speed up build times and the fact that they give you so many Speed-Ups and Resources to use. Honestly, I don't go out to gather resources on the map except to complete quests.

    2 september 2019 20:59 4117

    Yes its idewamoipv the very funny game and good also very funny pls u go play it now

    2 september 2019 22:19 4117

    Also very important to lvel up and play it alot

    2 september 2019 22:19 4117

    lol nice game i love her its really cool i love it :)

    6 september 2019 17:51 4117


    8 september 2019 06:04 4117

    görseller kurgu grafik çok iyi renkli cezbedici akıcı bir senaryosu var oyunun
    b tarz oyunlara göre gayet başarılı bence

    9 september 2019 02:00 4117

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